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An overview of diagnosis and management of bradycardia

Fahad A. Alnajim , Mohammed A. S. Alkhidhr , Mohammed A. A. Alanazi , Abdulaziz A. J. Bawazeer , Atheer I. Shahar , Basmah M. Alsharif , Omer Q. Kh. Alanazi , Omar Q. I. Darraj , Nagla M. Mohamed , Ahmed A. M. Alawi , Abdulrahman B. S. Alsoghayer

Background: Bradycardia is a common finding on physical examination in symptomatic and asymptomatic patients. It can be linked to physiological changes as well as the pathological progression of an underlying disease. The symptoms of bradycardia include lightheadedness, syncope, exercise intolerance, or, in some cases, cardiac arrest. A proper history and physical exam focused on the severity assessment of bradycardia and the underlying condition is essential for the management. Objectives: We aimed to review the literature reviewing bradycardia, along with the possible etiologies, clinical features, diagnosis, and management in both the acute setting and definitively. Methodology: PubMed database was used for article selection, and papers were obtained and reviewed. Conclusion: Bradycardia, while is an innocent presentation in most cases, can progress rapidly into cardiac arrest and death. Proper recognition and risk assessment of which patients might develop the severe sequelae of this presentation is essential in the care process of patients. While this subject has been heavily understudying, the only effective treatment for irreversible bradycardia remains permanent pacing of the heart.

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Alnajim F A, Alkhidhr M A S, Alanazi M A A, Bawazeer A A J, Shahar A I, Alsharif B M et al. An overview of diagnosis and management of bradycardia. Arch Pharma Pract 2021;12(1):13-5

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