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Pharmaceutical marketing strategies’ influence on physician’s prescription behavior

Abbas N. Albarq , Amal k. Suleiman

Introduction: Pharmaceutical marketing practices are one of the main reasons that massively influence the physician’s prescribing behavior. This issue has been hardly explored in very little studies that investigated the impact of pharmaceutical marketing strategies on prescribing patterns in developing countries and Middle Eastern countries. Objective: This paper aims to explore the impact of pharmaceutical marketing practices on the medication recommendation of physicians in Jordan. Methods: The convenience sampling method was used to attain the objectives of the study. The duration of the study was from 1st August 2019 till 28th February 2020. A self-administrative questionnaire was used upon receiving ethical approval, verbal consent was also taken from the participant. SPSS version 20 was used to perform statistical analysis. Results: The response rate to the survey was 80.9%. Then the processed data inferred the result, which was evaluated based on a seven-point Likert Scale. From the observations, one can conclude that pharmaceutical marketing practices have tremendous power over manipulating the prescription behavior of the doctors. This paper evaluates the effectiveness of various promotional tools employed by the markets to achieve their goal. After scrutinizing the whole report, the “public relations” strategy was found to be profound of all. Whereas advertisements using print media caught the least attention. Conclusion: The findings of the present study proved to be instrumental in serving as the first step in the imminent direction of merging this paper with the previous literature. From a managerial perspective, this research can benefit various marketers to evolve novel, refined strategies to influence the Jordanian physicians to boost up their ratings.

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