Archive \ Volume.10 2019 Issue 2

A Modified ATP Assay for Test the Potency of BCG Vaccine

Maryam Ziaei Nafchi , Seyed Mehdi Hassanzadeh , Hooman Kaghazian , Ramin Yaghoobi

Existing methods for BCG vaccine approval need to be improved to increase accuracy. We focus on the conduction of a more efficient ATP assay procedure to a more accurate quantity of viability of the BCG vaccine by the use of hot Tris-EDTA buffer and DMSO for ATP extraction and also utilization of EnSure device as a more sensitive bio luminometer. The aim was to increase the amount of released ATP during extraction; limit of ATP detection and quantification. The better results in comparison to current ATP assays indicated that this approach was more sensitive and applicable for the determination of the potency of the BCG vaccine and it is suitable for counting of BCG bacilli in low viability samples.