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2022 Volume.13 Issue 3

Materialistic Meets Realistic on Denture Characterization – A Case Report
Downloads: 86
Views: 109
Nosocomial Transmission of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen and Anti-Hepatitis C Virus among Hemodialysis Patients
Downloads: 55
Views: 60
Differential Leucocytes Count: An Independent Predictor of Clinical Outcomes in SARS-CoV-2 Patients
Downloads: 52
Views: 53
Self Medication in Today's Generation without Knowledge as Self Inflicted Harm
Downloads: 64
Views: 125
Assessment of Diabetes Self-Care Knowledge and Satisfaction with Care among Type 2 Diabetes Patients-A Case Study
Downloads: 70
Views: 89
The Influence of Burpee on the Distribution of Attention of Schoolchildren 15-16 Years Old
Downloads: 46
Views: 67
Sensitivity and Reliability of Two Antibodies in Detecting E. coli in Meat and Water
Downloads: 52
Views: 73
Awareness of the General Population about the Effects of Smoking on Health in Saudi Arabia
Downloads: 63
Views: 122
Overview of the Updates in Nutrient Profiles, Types, Indications and Side Effects of Infant Formula
Downloads: 58
Views: 83
Study of Acute and Chronic Toxicity of "Butaselmevit" on Laboratory Animals
Downloads: 55
Views: 88
Prevalence of Color Blindness among Secondary School Students in Taif, Saudi Arabia
Downloads: 70
Views: 191
Overview on Screening and Prevalence of Ovarian Neoplasms in Saudi Arabia
Downloads: 54
Views: 70
Efficacy of Glass Fiber Composite Restoration: A Systematic Review
Downloads: 52
Views: 107
Impact of Palliative Care for Dementia Patients in Tertiary Hospitals among Saudi Arabia: A Systemic Review
Downloads: 45
Views: 84
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