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2022 Volume.13 Issue 2

Traditional Practitioner’s Knowledge of Malay Post-Partum Herbal Remedies in Malaysia
Downloads: 238
Views: 929
Development of Attention Stability in Children Aged 9-10 Years with the Help of Exercises Classics
Downloads: 244
Views: 1019
Comparative Analysis of Intravitreal Ranibizumab versus Laser Therapy for Retinopathy of Prematurity
Downloads: 197
Views: 859
Dentists’ Attention to Periodontal Therapy in the Patients Treatment Planning to Dental Clinics of Isfahan City
Downloads: 184
Views: 803
Two Supportive Methods on Outcome of Patients with Chest Trauma
Downloads: 180
Views: 519
The Role of Pharmacies in Immunization Programs and Health Promotion
Downloads: 205
Views: 922
Coronavirus Disease 2019 Risk Factors in Karun, Iran: A Case-Control Study
Downloads: 167
Views: 466
Gender Differences in Chronic Kidney Disease. Findings from a Two Center Study in Nigeria
Downloads: 173
Views: 788
Pharmacotherapeutic Evaluation of Covid-19 Patients Suffering from Acute Kidney Injury
Downloads: 183
Views: 808
Cutaneous Manifestations and Types of skin affection Associated with COVID-19 Infection: A simple Review Article
Downloads: 187
Views: 703
Role of MRI in Diagnosis and Management of Stroke Cases; A Systematic Review
Downloads: 224
Views: 1580
Properties, Success, and Applications of Resin Infiltration for Minimal Invasive Restoration: A Scoping Review
Downloads: 270
Views: 1678
Infection Control in Dental Practice During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Literature Review
Downloads: 209
Views: 1461
Association of Sonographic Measurements of Kidneys and Spleen with Body Hight in University Age Saudi Population
Downloads: 183
Views: 803
Best-Practice Interventions: How Can You Prevent Endotracheal Suctioning Associated Complications?
Downloads: 170
Views: 768
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