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2024 Volume.15 Issue 1

Investigating Common and Effective Teaching Methods in Continuing Medical Education: A Review Study
Downloads: 90
Views: 123
Patient Information Leaflets: How Do Patients Comprehend and Understand Drug Information?
Downloads: 45
Views: 58
A Review of the Effect of Foot Reflexology on Pain in Patients
Downloads: 33
Views: 32
Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Pneumonia in Children
Downloads: 37
Views: 52
Cognitive Disorders Around Surgery and Its Prevention Strategies
Downloads: 24
Views: 34
Investigating Mechanisms and Causes Related to Angiogenesis: A Review
Downloads: 30
Views: 42
A Review of the Role of Integrated Education in Medical Sciences
Downloads: 24
Views: 41
Risk Factors in Postpartum Depression Among Women from South-East of Romania: Importance of Early Diagnosis
Downloads: 30
Views: 55
Influence of Parent's Behavior and Practice on their Family Health
Downloads: 34
Views: 59
The Functional State of the Cardiovascular System After the Application of Breathing Exercises
Downloads: 39
Views: 53
Female-Specific Cancers in Malaysia: A Comprehensive Analysis of Three Decades
Downloads: 35
Views: 67
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