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A review on updates in management and Treatment of Psoriasis

Ibtihal M. Alhammad , Amal M. Aseri , Sultan A. M. Alqahtani , Malak F. Alshaebi , Shahad A. Alqahtani , Rawan A. Alzahrani , Ahmed A. Alhaji , Mohammed K. Alamoudi , Ammar Y. Bafarat , Ammar Y. Jad , Alaa E. Nuqali

Introduction: Introduction: Psoriasis is a rather common inflammatory skin disease that is characterized by the appearance of red scaly plaques and may affect any part of the body. There are certain factors that make psoriasis a challenge for physicians, these include: high prevalence, disability, chronicity, disfiguration, and associated comorbidities. The approach to the management of Psoriatic patients should also take into account the dermatological clinical features. This review would discuss and focus on recent updates in the management of Psoriatic patients and its common related issues as well as the clinical picture of psoriasis in order to understand and inform medical practitioners and develop their knowledge of the etiology of the condition, immune and environmental factors, has led to the development of precision-targeted therapies that alleviate patient morbidity. Methodology: PubMed database was searched and screened for relevant observational studies, systematic reviews, randomized controlled trials, meta-journal articles, and journal articles containing the term used in the mesh “Psoriasis”, “Management” “Treatment trials” within the title or abstract. Conclusion: The physician should adhere to updated evidence-based guidelines in the management of psoriatic patients. New biologic modalities and alternative nature-based treatments for psoriasis should be studied. Pharmacodynamics profiles, administration modality, and dosing regimens for the currently available IL-17 and IL-23 inhibitors must be re-examined to improve the overall continuity of care of psoriasis patients.

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Alhammad IM, Aseri AM, Alqahtani SAM, Alshaebi MF, Alqahtani SA, Alzahrani RA, et al. A review on updates in management and Treatment of Psoriasis. Arch. Pharm. Pract. 2021;12(1):74-8.
Alhammad, I. M., Aseri, A. M., Alqahtani, S. A. M., Alshaebi, M. F., Alqahtani, S. A., Alzahrani, R. A., Alhaji, A. A., Alamoudi, M. K., Bafarat, A. Y., Jad, A. Y., & et al (2021). A review on updates in management and Treatment of Psoriasis. Archives Of Pharmacy Practice, 12(1),74-78.

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