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A Study on Drug Utilization Review of Pantoprazole in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Bangalore, India

Fatemeh Namvar Asl, Mrs Bharathi

Objective: The goal of the research is to conduct a retrospective study on drug utilization review of Pantoprazole in the various department.

Methodology: Drug utilization review of Pantoprazole in a tertiary care hospital is a retrospective study conducted for the period of 6 months.  The data collected are subjected for various drug-drug interaction and ADR by using, primary (Micromedex), secondary and tertiary resources which are available in clinical pharmacy department.  Result: Out of 150 prescriptions prescribed with pantoprazole 102 prescriptions were prescribed along with NSAIDS and 90 prescriptions were prescribed along with antibiotics. The majority (78.7%) of the patients were endorsed with pantoprazole. By NICE rules, fitting utilization of PPIs was found in 64% where as it was unseemly to use in 36% of cases. A large portion of the potential medication sedate associations were moderate. Characterized every day dose(DDD)/100 bed day of PPIs was seen as 0.929.  Rabeprazole (20 mg, tablet) demonstrated most extreme rate value variety of 672.32% while pantoprazole (40mg, infusion) indicated a base rate value variety of 18.72%. Conclusion: Prevalence shows pantoprazole was prescribed more for male and age group of 60-70years with the significant risk factor of smoker (18%) and alcoholic (9.3%).  Among 150 Prescriptions 22.67% prescriptions were irrationally prescribed. PPIs should be used only when there is documented evidence and when their use is clinically justified so that the appropriate prescription of PPIs will decrease the social insurance weight of the patient.

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