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An overview in the management of stoma and care of patients

Badeia A. Almarzooq , Yazeed A. Al humaidi , Abdullah A. Alshuflut , Abdulmajeed A. Al-Amyateem , Sultan A. Neazy , Abdulrahman I. Alhadlaq , Faisal F. Alnazawi , Alya F. Alsharif , Aseel H. Nassri , Hareth K. Almajid , Mohammed B. AlHarbi , Marshad H. Alyami

Introduction: Stomas represent a social and medical problem worldwide. Colostomies were used in the late 1800s to treat intestinal obstruction. Stoma creation is indicated for various clinicopathological conditions. Patients undergoing stoma surgery face many lifestyle changes and challenges. So, health care professionals who are involved in creating or caring for stoma should have the up-to-date and fundamental knowledge of stomas complications and management. Methodology: PubMed database was used for articles selection and the following keys used in the Mesh (( ‘’Stoma’’[Mesh])) , (( ‘’Ostomy ’’[Mesh])) , (( ‘’Ileostomy’’[Mesh])) , (( ‘’Colostomy ’’[Mesh])) AND (( ‘’Management ’’[Mesh])). Conclusion: Excellent perioperative stoma education and care are important for ostomates to feel confident in caring for and changing their pouching systems and to avoid dehydration. Follow-up is critical for the patient with a new stoma both to educate the patient in correct stoma care and for early identification and treatment of complicated conditions.

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