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An Overview on Chest Pain Diagnostic Approach in Primary Health Care Centre

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Chest pain can be a diagnostic challenge in medical practice. Noncardiac causes are prevalent, yet it is significant not to miss critical presentations such as acute coronary syndrome, pulmonary embolism, and tension pneumothorax. Nonthreatening etiologies of chest pain that should be considered include pneumonia, gastric reflux, and costochondritis. Patients with exertional chest pain and electrocardiographic abnormalities should undergo cardiac stress testing and cardiac enzymes measurement. A systematic approach to evaluate chest pain will result in an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan. The objective of this review is to discuss chest pain different presentations and management plans with the outcome. PubMed database was used for articles selection, and the following keys were used in the mesh ((“Chest pain"[Mesh]) AND (“assessment”[Mesh]) OR (“Management"[Mesh])). In regards to the inclusion criteria, the articles were selected based on the inclusion of one of the following topics: chest pain, non-invasive assessment. Exclusion criteria were all other articles, which did not have one of these topics as their primary endpoint. Chest pain is a very common presentation. The earlier the diagnosis and treatment, the better the outcomes, and the more likely that serious life-threatening conditions would be ruled out.

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Aljaiban AF, Alharbi FOB, Al Audah MS, Alshehri HHH, Almousaedi IH, Abdulaziz GA, et al. An Overview on Chest Pain Diagnostic Approach in Primary Health Care Centre. Arch Pharm Pract. 2021;12(4):65-8.
Aljaiban, A. F., Alharbi, F. O. B., Al Audah, M. S., Alshehri, H. H. H., Almousaedi, I. H., Abdulaziz, G. A., Almalki, A. M. M., Alharthi, M. M., Aljebreen, A. M., Boudal, E. A., et al. (2021). An Overview on Chest Pain Diagnostic Approach in Primary Health Care Centre. Archives of Pharmacy Practice, 12(4), 65-68.

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