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An Overview on Non-invasive Assessment of Cirrhosis

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Chronic liver disease is a long-term degradation of liver processes, such as the production of clotting factors and the detoxification of toxic metabolic products. It is a constant cycle of liver parenchyma inflammation, destruction, and regeneration that leads to cirrhosis and fibrosis. the last phase of it being cirrhosis, characterized by distortion of hepatic architecture, the development of extensive nodules. Additionally, it is mostly in a cirrhotic liver that there is a development of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Cirrhosis and HCC are responsible for 3.5% of all fatalities globally. Nevertheless, cirrhosis may be prevented since the diseases that most often cause it to develop slowly and can be prevented and treated. Therefore, early detection and adequate evaluation of the disease are important for preventing the progress or even reversing some of the effects of the disease. To provide an adequate review discussing the evaluation of chronic liver disease cases and cirrhosis in particular. The following keys were used in the mesh of the PubMed database for the choosing of articles. Characteristic findings on clinical examination, laboratory testing, and auxiliary studies are used to diagnose the disease. If firmly established through imaging investigations and medical symptoms that cirrhosis has been diagnosed, a liver biopsy is unnecessary, if not even contraindicated.

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Shahin AE, Alshmmary SN, Aljabarah NS, Alshammari AM, Alshammari KM, Alabedah RS, et al. An Overview on Non-invasive Assessment of Cirrhosis. Arch Pharm Pract. 2021;12(4):42-8.
Shahin, A. E., Alshmmary, S. N., Aljabarah, N. S., Alshammari, A. M., Alshammari, K. M., Alabedah, R. S., Almudayni, H. K., Alquwaiay, D. A. S., & Alghaithi, A. M. (2021). An Overview on Non-invasive Assessment of Cirrhosis. Archives of Pharmacy Practice, 12(4), 42-48.

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