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Assessment of community pharmacists concerning pharmacovigilance in Iraq

Muhannad R. M. Salih, Arwa Y. Abd, Jaafer M. Kurmanji, Omer Qutaiba B. Al‑Lela

Objectives: This study was designed to explore the awareness and attitude of the pharmacists working in the retail pharmacies toward the national adverse drug reactions (ADRs) system activities in Iraq. Methods: A cross‑sectional survey using a validated self‑administered questionnaire was used in this study. The questionnaire was delivered to retail pharmacists (RPs) practicing in Baghdad during the study period (4 months). Results: Of the 200, only 176 pharmacists responded to the survey (response rate of 88%). The total number of usable responses was 123 (61.5%). The survey findings revealed that 79 pharmacists (64.2%) were not aware of the Iraqi spontaneous reporting system (SRS). The restriction factors which dropping the ADRs reporting among RPs were identified. These include lack of knowledge in the way of reporting (n = 41; 33.3%), the unavailability of reporting forms (n = 88; 71.6%), and unawareness of where these reports should be sent to (n = 88; 71.6%). Conclusions: The study showed that the RPs in Baghdad have a very positive attitude toward ADRs but unfortunately; they are not familiar with the Iraqi SRS. The study findings emphasize the serious need for special education programs to promote ADRs reporting among RPs.

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