Archive \ Volume.3 2012 Issue 2

Changes Of The Haematological Indices Among The Clerks In Canton Of Sarajevo

Damir Secic , Elma Ibrahimpasic , Amna Pleho-Kapic , Esad Pepic , Jasmin Musanovic

Objective: The objective of this paper is to prove that there are some changes from reference values in haematological indices among clerks in Canton of Sarajevo. Methods: Respondents are clerks with health records in the Sarajevo Canton Occupational Medicine Institute. All clerks involved in this study were working on a computer. The respondents had normal physical activity, and without infectious disease. Venous blood specimens were taken from fasting respondents, with arm bandage up to 20 seconds. We used CELL-DIN system for the haematologic indices measurement. Results: The results refer to clerks from 2 institutions including 48 males and 110 females. Males had lowered red blood cell count 7-11% and females 5-7%, haemoglobin 3-5% for males and 3-7% for females. Haematocrit changes are the most expressive from all direct haematologic indicators with decrease of 9-11% for males and 8-10% for females. According to the indirect haematologic indices, there are no MCV changes, while mean cell haemoglobin MCH and mean cell haemoglobin concentration MCHC were increased. Conclusion: Among the clerks, without health problems, reduction is found in the direct haematologic indices - haematocrit, erythrocytes and haemoglobin with increased haematologic indirect indices - MCH and MCHC.