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Comorbidity of Mental and Somatic Pathology in the Study of the Association of Blood Folate Levels

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  1. Department of Faculty Therapy, Medical Institute Chechen State University, named after A.A. Kadyrov, Grozny, Republic of Chechnya, Russia.

  2. Department of Therapy, Faculty of Medicine, Medical Institute Chechen State University named after A.A. Kadyrov, Grozny, Republic of Chechnya, Russia.


This research work focuses on comorbidity, which links a complex of somatic and mental pathologies in patients with diagnosed bipolar personality disorder and the development of cardiovascular catastrophe in the form of ischemic stroke. The authors consider it promising and relevant to study the role of deficiencies of certain nutrients and the influence of this factor on the appearance and development of various mental disorders, in particular, the level of folate in the blood serum to prevent the development of cardiovascular catastrophe in patients with bipolar personality disorder. The core of the randomized study included 18 patients with diagnosed bipolar disorder and 20 healthy people with a history of ischemic stroke by mental status. The practical results of the work confirm the current literature data on a decrease in the concentration of folates in the blood of patients with bipolar disorder and diagnosed ischemic stroke, which proves the relationship between the mental and somatic components and impaired metabolism of folic acid derivatives. The information obtained should serve as a trigger for the search for an evidence-based strategy for managing this cohort of patients in the key point prevention and correction of the existing disease.

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Bataev KM, Avduev IS, Bataeva MK, Chupalaev AD, Todasheva MA, Bachigov AT, et al. Comorbidity of Mental and Somatic Pathology in the Study of the Association of Blood Folate Levels. Arch Pharm Pract. 2023;14(4):127-30.
Bataev, K. M., Avduev, I. S., Bataeva, M. K., Chupalaev, A. D., Todasheva, M. A., Bachigov, A. T., Irisbaeva, L. H., & Saralieva, E. S. (2023). Comorbidity of Mental and Somatic Pathology in the Study of the Association of Blood Folate Levels. Archives of Pharmacy Practice, 14(4), 127-130.

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