Archive \ Volume.9 2018 Issue 1

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use in the Patients with Thalassaemia in Malaysia

Wan I. Ismail , Mohamed A.A. Hassali , Maryam Farooqui , Fahad Saleem

Background: The aim of this study was to explore the decision-making of the patients with thalassaemia on the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) via qualitative approach. Materials and Methods: The thematic content analysis of the data revealed a total of four themes: (1) patients’ understanding towards CAM; (2) patients’ decisions to use CAM; (3) negative views on conventional treatment; and (4) barriers to using CAM. Results: The participants mostly defined CAM as a traditional medicine or a treatment related to herbal medicine. Discussion: Those reported to use CAM in favour to encourage the production of blood together with the conventional therapies. Slow progression of CAM modalities and cost was expensive given to major barrier to CAM use. Conclusion: Further investigations are required concerning the effectiveness using CAM among the patients with thalassaemia, and a wider knowledge on healthcare education related to this field is required to avoid any harmful interaction due to the combination between conventional and CAM therapies.