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Complications of Total, Near Total and Subtotal Thyroidectomy in Saudi Arabia: Review Article

Mustafa El-Hossary, Ghena G. Alenezi, Nouf M. AlMuhaimel, Bayan A. Alsamaan, Nada R. Alharbi, Salha S. Al-motiri, Abrar H. S. Alageel

Thyroidectomy is a surgical practice that is accomplished for the treatment of many thyroid ailments in which we remove the thyroid gland. In this review, we were looking into the history and complications of thyroidectomy. The review is a comprehensive research of PUBMED since and EBSCO Information Services. Topics concerning complications of the total, near whole, and subtotal thyroidectomy were used in the making of the article. Post-operative problems reduced as the surgeons' skills increase. So, total thyroidectomy is nowadays broadly established for managing thyroid disorders, whether it was benign or malignant. Our data also suggest the presence of increased risk for malignancy among patients with benign thyroid conditions, although the risk is low. In such patients, total thyroidectomy offers definite management of thyroid cancer. No substantial discrepancy in the acute postoperative complications in total and subtotal thyroidectomy. However, in the total thyroidectomy, we avoid the problem of recurrence of the disorder and reoperation and prevent any following possibility of malignant changes, as the thyroid is removed.

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