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Cutaneous Manifestations and Types of skin affection Associated with COVID-19 Infection: A simple Review Article

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Although COVID-19 is best known for causing fever and respiratory symptoms, it has been reported to be associated also with different extra pulmonary manifestations, including dermatological signs. Whilst the COVID-19-associated cutaneous manifestations have been increasingly reported that were unexpected before their onset, their exact incidence has yet to be estimated. Furthermore, evidence is accumulating that skin manifestation associated with COVID-19 are extremely polymorphic. This review article aimed to explore the updated evidence regarding the cutaneous manifestation associated with Covid-19 infection during the pandemic. COVID-19. Associated cutaneous manifestations have an extremely polymorphic nature including (i) urticarial rash, (ii) confluent erythematous/maculopapular/morbilliform rash, (iii) papulovesicular exanthem, (iv) chilblain-like acral pattern, (v) livedo reticularis/racemosa-like pattern, (vi) purpuric “vasculitic” pattern…. etc. Skin eruptions vary in morphology, time of onset, location, and duration. The incidence of cutaneous involvement in COVID-19 varies from 1% to 20% in different reports. The exact mechanism of cutaneous involvement in COVID-19 is not precise, the role, direct or indirect, of SARS-CoV-2 in their pathogenesis, is still debated but the pathogenesis probably involves high interferon.

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Alenazy AES, Alabdulwahab K, Alabdulwahab F, Alanazi SIS. Cutaneous Manifestations and Types of skin affection Associated with COVID-19 Infection: A simple Review Article. Arch Pharm Pract. 2022;13(2):94-8.
Alenazy, A. E. S., Alabdulwahab, K., Alabdulwahab, F., & Alanazi, S. I. S. (2022). Cutaneous Manifestations and Types of skin affection Associated with COVID-19 Infection: A simple Review Article. Archives of Pharmacy Practice, 13(2), 94-98.

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