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Dentists’ Perception about Chair-side CAD/CAM; a cross-sectional study in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Badr Soliman Alhussain, Abdullah Abdulaziz Almawh, Abdullah Saleh AlMuhanna, Abdullah Hamad Al nujaym, Mansour Abdullah Albuhayri, Abdulaziz Fahad Aldrees, Omar Abdulaziz Al Ajlan

The usage and implementation of computer-aided layout and computer-aided building (CAD/CAM) technologies in dentistry have significantly developed during the last two decades. Computer-aided design/CAM innovation has recently been utilized to make decorates, trims, crowns, facades, multi-unit fixed halfway false teeth (FPDs), and embed projections alongside different false teeth. The cross-sectional study was conducted between the professionals of Saudi dental making use of the online platform to perform the survey. Two hundred and sixteen (216) dentists from the Riyadh metropolis were utilized in this study. An analysis reported that all participants were 19-25 years old and had experienced less than 10 years. The significant proportion was male (66.7%) and Saudi nationals (96.3%). The majority of participants were working in the government sector and had qualifications of BDS. 88.9% of participants never operated chair-side CAD/CAM, do not have this set up at their workplace but want it in the future. The majority of them have used CAM/CAD for crowns’ fabrication (74.1%). The majority of participants do not know the overall quality of CAD/CAM restorations. Overall satisfaction was exemplary in both dentists and patients. CAD/CAM was imperative in terms of laborsaving, income, and boosting visits. Most participants wanted to invest time for future learning.

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Alhussain BS, Almawh AA, AlMuhanna AS, nujaym AHA, Albuhayri MA, Aldrees AF, et al. Dentists’ Perception about Chair-side CAD/CAM; a cross-sectional study in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Arch Pharm Pract. 2022;13(1):46-52.
Alhussain, B. S., Almawh, A. A., AlMuhanna, A. S., nujaym, A. H. A., Albuhayri, M. A., Aldrees, A. F., & Ajlan, O. A. A. (2022). Dentists’ Perception about Chair-side CAD/CAM; a cross-sectional study in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Archives of Pharmacy Practice, 13(1), 46-52.

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