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Emerging Roles of Pharmacist in Global Health: An Exploratory Study on their Knowledge, Perception and Competency

Erwin Martinez Faller -, Maria Therese Hernandez, Aaron Mark Hernandez, Jacklyn Risia San Gabriel

Pharmacists, being an integral part of the health care team, have a remarkable contribution in public health care delivery with the increasing health demands globally. This study aimed to determine the pharmacists’ knowledge, perception, and competencies in the importance of the implementation of global health initiatives in both local and international arenas. A cross-sectional descriptive study was done through a validated self-administered questionnaire distributed among 398 respondents attending the two International Certificate Course in Global Health Pharmacy. The results of the study demonstrated moderate to high levels of knowledge and competencies among ASEAN pharmacists to assume significant roles in improving global health. The results also vividly signify their capacity to address issues related to health care knowledge, clinical care, and research, quality improvement in various pharmacy services, collaboration with other health care providers and substantial improvement in pharmaceutical care services. Based on the survey results, there is an immediate need among pharmacists to foster research collaborations with other institutions and health care providers in the field to transcend beyond the expected traditional roles of the pharmacy profession in improving public health locally and abroad.

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