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Epidemiology and Risk Factors of Stroke

Abeer S. Alharbi, Muneera S. Alhayan, Shahad K. Alnami, Reem S. Traad, Mubarak A. Aldawsari, ‏Saleh A. Alharbi, Amani O. Al Sharif, Saad T. Alboqami, Shorouq A. Alshammari, Mohammed K. S Alzeer, Mashael A.Alshammari

Background: Stroke is a deficit death without clear causes. Objective:  This study is aimed at investigating the epidemiology of stroke, and its prevalence and risk factors in order to increase the awareness of people towards this problem. Methods: Search was done using different database as Medline, PubMed, and Science Direct with different keywords to identify the relevant articles published. Also, the search was conducted using the electronic library of Taibahu University for Health Sciences. Conclusion: The second leading cause of mortality worldwide is stroke and it represents the third leading cause of morbidity globally. The stroke risk factors are divided into non-modifiable and modifiable factors. The common non-modifiable factors which cannot be changed or controlled are transient ischemic attack and family history. Furthermore, the most prevalent modifiable risk factors are uncontrolled hypertension followed by uncontrolled diabetes. Moreover, physical inactivity, cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol intake and obesity are considered as stroke modifiable risk factors. The alarming stroke can be decreased or even prevented by controlling or avoiding these modifiable risk factors.

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