Archive \ Volume.10 2019 Issue 2

Evaluation of Recent Surgical Updates Regarding Diagnosis and Management of Diverticulitis

Naif Faris Alhadi , Asma S.M. Aldahmashi , Mofareh J.S. Alrasasimah , Abdulaziz F. Alotaibi , Abdullah K.Alabdulqadir , Falah E.Alotaibi , Mohammed S. Alarbash , Moath O.M. Algabri , Fatimah M.A. Kaabi , Faisal A. Bakhsh

Background: Diverticulitis is a prevalent disease in western countries, which is increasing in young people and developing countries due to the adaptation of a low fiber diet. True diverticulitis affects all layers of the intestine, more common on the left side, while false diverticulitis extends only to the mucosa and submucosa. Diverticulitis patients mostly complain of lower left abdominal tenderness. Objectives: In this paper, we focused on diverticulitis and surgical intervention, and only relevant studies were discussed. Methodology: PubMed database was used for articles selection, and papers on diverticulitis were obtained and reviewed. Conclusion: Colonoscopy is best avoided in acute and uncomplicated diverticulitis. Classically, it is a surgical disease but uncomplicated cases can often be managed conservatively. Follow up of treat-ed diverticulitis occurs after four weeks via colonoscopy, in selected cases assessing the risk of developing colonic cancer. Novel therapies are under-studied and are probable replacements for surgical intervention.