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Evaluation of recent Updates regarding Screening and Management of Colorectal Carcinoma

Alhanouf I. Alzanitan , Abdullah N. Alnawdal , Mohammad A. Alabood , Mohammed K. W. Alelwan , Rmlh M. Y. Al Sameen , Fatimah S. M. Alhawiti , Abdulaziz M. B. Hassan , Salhah M. Alajmi , Norah S. Alfehaid , Mezzher M. Alsaeed , Ahmed K. Alaqil

Colorectal is a commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide. The incidence and mortality are on the decline due to wide screening and appropriate management. A multitude of factors continues to cause colon cancer, but the disease is mainly related to combined genetic susceptibility and environmental predisposition. Objectives: In this review, we aimed to review the recent literature on colorectal carcinoma screening and management. Methodology: PubMed database was used for articles selection, and the following keywords were used: colorectal carcinoma, pathophysiology, screening, and management. Conclusion: Colorectal carcinoma is common, deadly yet declining in incidence and mortality. Largely attributed to increased awareness in the population and advancement of screening tests. Attentiveness to such diseases is required in countries with unstructured screening programs.

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