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Examination of the Predictive Power of Flourishing Based on Parenting Styles and Mindfulness

Marzieh Mohebb Ali

The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship between parenting styles and mindfulness with flourishing. Flourishing reveals the miracle hidden within human existence. The idea of flourishing is a pervasive idea that could include a wide range of ultimate constructs like a scientific command, personality development, generative deed, profession, religion, community building, love, charity activities, loyalty to people, self-efficacy, material well-being, enjoyment, and so on. Thus, predicting such an issue can lead to community building and people excellence. The study was correlational. The sample consisted of 350 men and women of 20-30 years of age selected by the random sampling method from among Shiraz students and citizens. Everyone filled out three questionnaires: Boer's mindfulness, Steinberg's parenting styles, and Diener's flourishing. The results showed a negative significant relationship between flourishing and parental conflict.

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