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Glaucoma Management Approach: Simple Literature Review

Alabbas S.A. Alghamdi, Abdulaziz I.A. Alghamdi, Duaa H. alahmadi, Malak K.G. Alkuwaykibi, Fatimah A. Swead, Arwa I. Lami, Najlaa S. Almutairi, Sara S.Almutairi, Reem F. M. Alanazi, Abdulkarem N. Aldossari, Sarah A. Mayet

Background: Glaucoma is a progressively acquired neuropathy that affects the optic nerve and can result in vision loss. It is most prevalent in the elderly population and a common cause of blindness. Undetected glaucoma is not uncommon which results in late intervention, increasing the risk of irreversible damages. Objective: In this study we aimed to review literature that discussed glaucoma and its management, in order to provide a summarized, yet comprehensive assessment of management plan. Methods: PubMed database was used for article selection, and the following keywords were used in the mesh; "glaucoma"[Mesh] and “management of glaucoma"[Mesh]. A total of 25 papers was reviewed and included in the review. Conclusion: Detailed eye examinations are necessary in order to discover the risk factors for glaucoma. Physicians should know the risk factors to identify the high-risk groups and refer them to an ophthalmologist when needed. The management of glaucoma mainly should be focused on reducing intraocular pressure, which is the only proven method to treat glaucoma. Nutritional management should be considered as a complementary approach in addition to the conventional treatment of glaucoma.

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