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Gum Arabic as a natural product with antimicrobial and anticancer activities

Akram Ahmed Aloqbi

Infectious pathogens appear as significant health troubles and the major causes of diseases and death worldwide, maybe a reason for the indiscriminate utilization of drugs and multiple drug resistance in human diseases. Due to the increasing drug resistance in human diseases, it is required to search for factors leading to treat diseases especially in developing countries and without side effects. Therefore, this article presents the utilization of natural products from gum Arabic as a source of antimicrobial and anticancer compounds. Gum Arabic probiotics catalyze the growth of beneficial bacteria that live in the large intestine of the human being since birth and are useful to the digestive system, immunity system and also, protect the body against pathogens, cancer, diabetes, and overweight. Due to its rich fiber content, increasing probiotic bacteria in the gut, promoting satiety following meals, slowing down gastric emptying, and regulating hormone secretion, it protects the human health. Cancer is one of the most important reasons for death worldwide and it is of vital importance to promoting new approaches against the pathogens. Basic cancer therapy is traditional chemotherapy but it is associated with normal cell toxicities. Thus, traditional cancer therapy usually gives rise to acute side effects and toxicities. Commonly, natural factors are significantly safe. Meanwhile, some plants such as gum Arabic are anticancers.

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