Archive \ Volume.10 2019 Issue 1

Influence of Physical Activity and Olfactory System on Coagulation Factors in Rats

Hossein Rostami, Ali Aliyev, Valida Madatova

This study was designed to determine the effects of physical activity and olfactory bulb on coagulation factors in rats. Male Wistar rats (n=60) weighing 90-100 gr were divided into 2 groups; experimental group (olfactory bulbectomy) and control group (without olfactory bulbectomy). In each group, animals were divided into 3 subgroups: short-time (5 minutes of physical activity), long-time (with 20 minutes of physical activity), and control (without physical activity), Blood samples were collected from the rat tail tip to determine the coagulation time. Exercise programs included swimming on the water pool until five minutes (short-time) and twenty minutes (long-time) in the experimental groups. The autopsy was performed on all rats and thrombin time was measured for each of the tissues. The results demonstrated that shot-time physical activity significantly reduced thrombin time on tissues of rats compared to the baseline values in the control group (P<0.001). In contrast, a long-time physical activity significantly increased thrombin time in various tissues in olfactory bulbectomy rats (P<0.001). Moreover, our results proved that in olfactory bulbectomy rats after a long-time physical activity, coagulation time increased but after a short time one, it decreased. In conclusion, these results suggest that there is a functional relationship between exercise and olfactory bulb and changes of hemostatic parameters in blood and regulation of circadian rhythms.