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Injuries/Harms Resulting from Incorrect Adjustments/Alignments Performed by Yoga Asana Practitioners

Ghazaleh Shamaei Irani

In the current scenario, yoga has become a tremendous trend around the world, as it offers a lifestyle teaching methodology mixed with physical exercises for all practitioners. According to available data, there are around 30 million practitioners worldwide. Yoga is thought to be an injury-free tool and has several benefits, such as relieving pain and stress, that it affects mind i.e. increases mind potential and leads to peace.  Many people are going to be attracted by others due to other motivations. However, because of the improper practice of yoga, they are caught by injuries easily and stop the practice. Proper body alignments play an important role because misalignment can lead to injury. These injuries include bone fracture, muscle strain and sprains, joint dislocation, bone spur, sciatic nerve damage, and strokes. There is a need for a scholarly investigation to find all the injuries related to misalignment during yoga practices. In this article, different parts of the body that have been injured due to misalignment are discussed. Furthermore, different poses have been discussed, especially the ones that are considered risky and tough, as well as the methods in which they can avoid these injuries. The present study discussed the basic solutions to avoid the above injuries with misalignment which includes expert supervision, warming up, exercise to strengthen the weak parts of the body, starting with simple poses, and estimating the body's capacity.

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