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Knowledge and Perception of Saudi High School Boys towards Teeth Whitening/Bleaching

Abdulrahman Eyyd, Abdulrahman Aldosari, Sultan Alyousef, Nawaf Alsadhan, Shahzeb Hasan Ansari

In the current society, esthetic concepts are enhancing that result in an increasing request for esthetic procedures, especially among youngsters. Patients are keen to have a well-aligned smile and demand whiter teeth. Thus, dental bleaching therapies have become more famous. Teenagers and adolescents get influenced by their peer's comments regarding their facial esthetics. Dental appearance plays an important role in determining their psychosocial well-being, affecting their perception of the maintenance of esthetics. The present cross-sectional research carried out among the high school boys of Riyadh using an online survey. An online questionnaire was constructed consisting of questions related to demographic data followed by questions including knowledge and perception towards teeth discoloration, bleaching/whitening, factors associated with the decision, etc. Regarding questions related to bleaching, only 22.8% did not know what it is, 78.2% said they would consult the dentist before using it, 39.6% reported the color achieved after bleaching would last forever. As far as their previous dental visits were concerned, 7.9% never visited a dentist, 43.4% had visited within 6 months, 25.7% within 6-12 months, and 23% more than 12 months. Students' level of knowledge regarding discoloration is unsatisfactory but satisfactory regarding bleaching.

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Eyyd A, Aldosari A, Alyousef S, Alsadhan N, Ansari SH. Knowledge and Perception of Saudi High School Boys towards Teeth Whitening/Bleaching. Arch Pharm Pract. 2021;12(1):130-4.
Eyyd, A., Aldosari, A., Alyousef, S., Alsadhan, N., & Ansari, S. H. (2021). Knowledge and Perception of Saudi High School Boys towards Teeth Whitening/Bleaching. Archives of Pharmacy Practice, 12(1), 130-134.

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