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Management of Adolescent Malnutrition with Physical Exercise: Systematic review

Ibrahim M. Mahmoud , Ahmed H. H. Alruwaili , Mahmoud M. Alsharif , Hind F. AlQubali , Zainab A. N. Alsharif , Waad K. A. Alanazi , Shahad A. S. Alsharif , Khalid S. M. Alruwaili , Khalid A. I. Alanazi , Waleed A. H. Alanazi

Background: Adolescence is a vital stage of development during the human lifespan in which transition, when habits are formed, persists into adult life. Teenagers are nutritionally fragile due to high growth needs, their feeding habits, and their vulnerability to external factors. Assessment of high-risk patients of malnutrition at an early stage allows for early intervention with nutritional or physical therapy. Method: This systematic review was carried out, including PubMed, Google Scholar, and EBSCO. Topics concerning the relationship between malnutrition and physical activity among adolescents and other articles were used in making the article. No software was utilized to analyze the data. Results and Conclusion: The review included 8 randomized studies that documented a strong association between physical exercise, physical activity, and the nutritional status of the individual as more muscular exercise increases healthy dietary habits and improves the body build and physical fitness of adolescents. Adolescent care physicians are ideally placed to deliver powerful messages promoting physical activity and behavior change.

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