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Measuring the Factors Influencing the Acceptance of COVID-19 Vaccines in the Western Region of Saudi Arabia

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Understanding key factors of the acceptance of COVID-19 vaccines by the community could aid governmental agencies, medical practitioners, and other entities in reducing the impact of vaccine avoidance. The study aimed to assess the factors influencing people’s acceptance and refusal to receive the COVID-19 vaccination in the Western Region of Saudi Arabia. A cross-sectional study using an e-questionnaire was used to collect responses from consenting participants aged over 12 who are residents in the Western Region of Saudi Arabia. A validated and pre-tested questionnaire was used that recorded socio-demographic details, awareness about COVID-19 vaccines, attitudes toward vaccination in general, and factors influencing the decision of COVID-19 vaccine compliance.

The COVID-19 vaccine administration rate was 96.5%, and the most commonly administered vaccine was Pfizer-BioNTech (78%). The most widely reported influencing factor was intrinsic influences. Vaccine administration was significantly higher among those who believed COVID-19 vaccines are safe (p<0.001) and those who believed vaccines could help in controlling in pandemic (p<0.001). The public’s trust in vaccines can be increased by distributing information about the vaccine’s safety and undertaking health education initiatives.

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Filfilan NNA, Alhibshi AH, Khan MA, Alsukhayri DA, Alzhrani AJ. Measuring the Factors Influencing the Acceptance of COVID-19 Vaccines in the Western Region of Saudi Arabia. Arch Pharm Pract. 2022;13(4):11-6.
Filfilan, N. N. A., Alhibshi, A. H., Khan, M. A., Alsukhayri, D. A., & Alzhrani, A. J. (2022). Measuring the Factors Influencing the Acceptance of COVID-19 Vaccines in the Western Region of Saudi Arabia. Archives of Pharmacy Practice, 13(4), 11-16.

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