Archive \ Volume.6 2015 Issue 3

Need of advance clinical pharmacy services: A case study from Pakistan

Iftikhar Ali, Jehanzeb Khan, Aziz Ullah Khan

Clinical pharmacists play a key role in health‑care by providing drug information to other health‑care professionals, pharmaceutical care to individual patients and developing clinical guidelines and standard treatment protocols for treating various medical conditions in day‑to‑day practice. A clinical pharmacist offers valuable support in the development of a final prescription with improved patient management and better safety. Increasingly, clinical practice is becoming a team effort with a specialized skill matrix, concentrating on comprehensive support for patient management. A physician definitely leads the team, comprised of a professional and skillful clinical pharmacist, among others, with skill sets to detect drug interactions, adverse effects, and therapeutic incompatibilities to facilitate the health‑care team to achieve therapeutic outcomes on a case‑by‑case basis. We described ten cases of patients diagnosed with tuberculosis, drug related problems identified during the study period and strategies suggestion for improvement of the pharmacy profession.

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