Archive \ Volume.2 2011 Issue 2

Opinion On Drug Information Services Provided In A Multi- Specialty Teaching Hospital

Vijayakumar TM, Poovi G & Dhanaraju MD

Objective: To evaluate the various drug information queries received, and to access the drug information services provided by the pharmacy practice department. Method: Drug information queries received during ward rounds, direct communication, telephone or internet etc. were documented in the drug information request and documentation forms prepared by the department over the period of January 2010 to June 2010. Various parameters like status of enquirer, their specialty, mode of receipt of query, purpose of query, type of query etc. were consider for evaluation. Results: Out of 208 queries received, major 56 (26.9%) from male medical ward. Maximum [82 (39.4 %)] queries were from the physicians. 73 (35.0 %) of the queries were about the recent advances and the updating of the information, It was found that mostly the mode of request was during ward rounds 85 (40.9%). Most of the queries [126 (60.6%)] were answered by written or printout format. Majority of the queries [195 (93.8 %)] were answered directly to the enquirers through direct access. Most of the queries were answered through books in the department [86 (41.3 %)]. Conclusion: Results of the external auditing revealed that requestors were generally satisfied with the service provided. The drug information services provided by clinical pharmacists at the hospital were found to be useful and beneficial to the healthcare professionals and patients.

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