Archive \ Volume.5 2014 Issue 2

Pharmacy students’ perception about education and future career

Mirghani A. Yousif, Ahmed S. Eldalo, Ahmed A. Albarraq, Nizar Sirag, Mustafa Ibrahim

Objective: The study was to determine the Sudanese pharmacy students’ opinions and to measure their satisfaction about education instructions and to reveal their impact on the future carrier. Materials and Methods: Cross‑sectional study was conducted by using pretested self‑administered questionnaire among final year pharmacy students in Sudan. Results: A total of 455 students from both public and private colleges were participated in the study. Combined one‑way direct with interactive method was dominant (74.5%) and was preferred by (74.3%). The English was the major instruction language (62.9%), which was preferred by (66.6%) of the participants. More than 3‑quarters of the students had chosen the pharmacy as first choice. Students believed that pharmacy provides good future career. There was a significant association between the students’ satisfaction about choosing pharmacy as career and current academic performance (P = 0.004). Conclusion: The obtained results provide an insight into students’ opinions on different issues concerning pharmacy education instructions. These data could be utilized as an indicator of the general trends and a guideline for improving pharmacy education in Sudan.

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