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Postnasal Drip Syndrome and Cough, Management and Diagnostic Approach in Primary Health Care Centre

Skenah Abdullah Albiabi , Baraa Alaa Y Khayat , Marwai Mohammed Mahnashi , Khalid Abduallah Altwairqi , Abdullah Saad Almutairi , Reman Abdulaziz Al-Fallatah , Najwan Hassan Abduljabbar , Afnan Hamdan Alshammari , Amirah Ayidh Abumismar , Khaled Saad Alajmi , Sultan Faisal Aldawsari

Background: Postnasal drip syndrome (PNDS) or catarrh is a condition that is characterized by recurrent secretions from the nose and the paranasal sinuses into the pharynx. It might present as a simple condition in primary health clinics but it requires proper evaluation and management to deal with such cases. Objective: In this review, we aim to discuss the evaluation of PNDS and to learn how to deal with such conditions. Method: PubMed database was used for articles selection, and the following keys were used in the mesh ((“postnasal drip syndrome"[Mesh]) AND (“catarrh”[Mesh]) OR (“evaluation"[Mesh])). Conclusion: It is important to treat this condition even if we could not find the underlying cause. Therefore, empiric therapy is the solution because it may not only treat the case; it can also confirm the hypothesized diagnosis. However, refractory cases to different empirical treatment plans require a thorough evaluation to rule out serious problems.

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