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Prevalence of psychological and physical symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome in female students

Awanish Kumar Pandey, Poonam Tripathi, Shambaditya Goswami, Rishabh Dev Pandey

Pre-menstrual syndrome is a group of physical and psychological symptoms that appears before the menstrual bleeding. The study was designed to evaluate the prevalence of physical and psychological symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome among female students of technical institution in Gorakhpur. Two hundred students aged between 15 to 30 years participated in the study and revealed that all the participants of study experienced at least 1 symptom of PMS. The most common physical symptom was joint\muscle pain (77.5%). Lethargy (83%) was reported as most common psychological symptom in the study. The study concluded that prevalence of PMS is 100%, and most of the participants (42.5%) have more than 5 symptoms of PMS.

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