Archive \ Volume.10 2019 Issue 3

Red Eye Diagnosis and Management in Primary Health Care

Ohoud A. Alattas , Abdullah A. Hamdi , Faisal M. M. Mudarba , Ali M. Alshehri , Mohammed S. Al- Yahya , Shahad A. Almotairi , Rawan A. Saeed , Maali M. Buamer , Majed S. Alsuwailem , Ibrahim A. Alamri

Background: Red eye is one of the most important topics in medical practice. It is frequently encountered in primary health care and emergency departments. It is usually marked by an ocular inflammation. It is often considered as benign but the condition entails a vast array of differential diagnoses with some being considered as medical emergencies and so require urgent action. Objectives: In this paper, we will review the studies relevant to diagnoses, differential diagnosis, clinical features, and management of diseases that may cause red eye presentation. Methodology: PubMed database was used for articles selection using the keywords Red Eyes, and Evaluation. Conclusion: Family physicians need to have basic understanding of the management of the main diagnoses behind red eye. They also should know when to refer the patients to a higher center. Early diagnosing and recognition of the disease is important for early intervention or quick referral to an ophthalmologist. It can be even sight saving in a lot of patients. Further studies into the management of more common diseases such as conjunctivitis with larger sample studies and longer follow up duration can help in the future.