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Role of clinical pharmacist in smoking cessation: A prospective randomized trial

M. G. Rajanandh, C. Ramasamy, A. D. Nageswari, N. Ethirajan

Objective: In accordance with the pharmacist oath, service to the community is the moral responsibility of a clinical pharmacist. Patient counseling is one among the service to public towards greater wellbeing. It is designed to help people to explore and resolve their incongruity about behavior change. It was developed as a treatment for alcohol abuse, but it may also help smokers to a make a successful attempt to quit. The present study is aimed to study the role of clinical pharmacist in smoking cessation in smokers. Materials and Methods: A prospective randomized usual led trial was carried out. The study was approved by human institutional ethical committee. The sample size was calculated using standardized formula. Participants (n=80) were recruited based upon inclusion and exclusion criteria and were allocated on random basis into two groups, namely usual care and intervention care using computerized randomization model. Participants in both groups were counseled based on their nicotine dependence level. Results: We found improvements between baseline and after intervention regarding the outcome. At the end of motivational enhancement counseling, participants in the interventional arm showed significant improvement in quitting smoking habit than the usual arm. Conclusion: Study has proved that motivational enhancement counseling do have a tremendous reach in male smokers. The better understanding of the reason behind every individual smoker is an important key in motivating them and in getting the positive results.

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