Archive \ Volume.7 2016 Issue 2

Safety profile of antiretroviral therapy: An urgent need for monitoring

Dhaka Ram Bhandari , Subish Palaian , Arjun Poudel , Mohamed Izham B. Mohamed Ibrahim , Hisham Aljadhey

The diminution of CD4 lymphocytes is the diagnostic characteristic of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. Since the discovery of the disease 35 years ago, the infection has become one of the greatest menaces for the modern civilization. There are many individual drug toxicities and a number of class‑specific or therapy‑related toxicities of anti‑HIV agents. Hepatotoxicity is a well‑recognized side effect developing asymptomatic mild elevation of transaminases. It is known that the incidence of adverse reactions is high in long‑term reactions such as lipodystrophy, paresthesia, and neuromotor disorders. Antiretroviral (ARV) therapy is not only effective but also complex. There are many adverse effects of the therapy, which affect varieties of the organ system. To optimize the treatment, health professionals should focus on preventing the adverse effect of ARV agents.