Archive \ Volume.11 2020 Issue 3


Ruhollah Dastaran , Ali Sheibani , Masoud Reza Shishehbore , Hamid Saeedi-Sourck

In this study, different types of mother wavelets from continuous wavelet transform (CWT) methods were proposed for simultaneous determination of oxazepam (OXA) and clomipramine (CLO) which are used to treat anxiety and major depressive disorder, respectively. For this purpose, the first derivative spectra obtained from overlapping absorption spectra were processed by various mother wavelets. Sym8, meyer, gaus5, and db6 were found to be appropriate for processing of the derivative UV spectra. To evaluate the performance of the proposed methods, the analytical validation parameters were investigated through the analysis of synthetic binary mixtures from two drugs. Calibration graphs in the linear concentration ranges of OXA (10-50 µg/mL) and CLO (12-25 µg/mL) were obtained (r>0.991). The capability of the proposed CWTs was also tested which gave good satisfactory results.

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