Archive \ Volume.10 2019 Issue 2

Surgical Management of Cataract in Diabetes Mellitus Patients

Ahmad Y. Alanazi , Aqeelah S. Al Mubarak , Mashael A. Shahatah , Revan Z. Banjar , Shoroog H. Alahmadi , Mohammed F. Aljaser , Saad M. A. Alosaimi , Abdulla R. Shaheen , Ahmed K.R. Alharthi , Lujain A. Al Badr

Background: The population is facing the threat of obesity and diabetes with cataracts being an associated disease and common cause of visual loss in diabetic patients. In the presence of co-morbid conditions, the progression to visual impairment would be sped up in uncontrolled glucose levels. The trend in cataract surgery and its insurgency against preventable visual impairment has been successful; nevertheless, surgery carries its own risks and may not benefit all types of patients. Objectives: We focus in this paper on cataract surgery in diabetic patients, and only relevant studies would be discussed. Methodology: PubMed database was used for articles selection and papers on diabetic cataract and cataract surgical intervention in diabetes were obtained and reviewed. Conclusion: Clinical progression of visual loss in diabetic cataract is often faster and worse relative to non-diabetic individuals. Cataract surgery has revolutionized the management of diabetic cataract. Improved visual prowess and acuity, with reduced risks of complications follow phacoemulsification surgery, the most common surgical intervention for cataract treatment. This phenomenon in ophthalmic surgery would help many patients afflicted with both diabetes and cataracts.