Archive \ Volume.11 2020 Issue 2

Temporal association between antibiotic use and resistance in Gram-negative bacteria

Wael Mansy, Muzaheed, Sanjay Rathod

antibiotic usages with resistance ability of antimicrobial pathogens. Methods and materials: The collection of data on prescription and consumption of antibiotics and database on susceptibility covering isolation rate of resistance potential per quarter was collected. Results: The prescription rate of third-generation cephalosporins and Fluoroquinolones has shown an increased annual resistance rate of gram-negative bacterial strains. The results showed a positive significant correlation between two quarterly lagged numbers of BLBLIs that indicated increased susceptibility to the resistance potential of the strains, whereas levofloxacin and meropenem exhibited no association with resistance to the infections. Conclusion: The usage of BLBLIs showed promising results against infections, still, it required a cautious planning and wide understanding of acquiring and sustaining resistance to BLBLIs and its associated antibiotics at the clinical level.

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