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The Extend and Reasons behind the Use of Herbal Medicine as an Alternative Treatment in Dentistry

Rehab W. K. Ismail, Hiba Turkistani, Rahaf Alharthi, Abdulrahman Mousa Kariri, Arwa Khan

Oral health is an integral component of the individual`s general health, well-being and considerably affects the quality of life. Oral diseases are major health problems with dental caries and periodontal diseases have been reported to be among the most important preventable diseases worldwide. Herbal products are widely utilized for preventing and treating many diseases including oral and dental diseases and play an important role in the health care systems worldwide. This study aims to assess the population's attitude about the use of herbs as alternative medicine in dealing with dental problems in the western region of Saudi Arabia. It also aims to determine the common types of herbal medicine to identify the reasons behind their usage and perceptions about their therapeutic outcome. This study is a survey done in the form of an online questionnaire distributed randomly through social media to the Arab population living in the western region of Saudi Arabia over one month and results were calculated and statistically analyzed.

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Ismail RWK, Turkistani H, Alharthi R, Kariri AM, Khan A. The Extend and Reasons behind the Use of Herbal Medicine as an Alternative Treatment in Dentistry. Arch Pharm Pract. 2021;12(1):135-40.
Ismail, R. W. K., Turkistani, H., Alharthi, R., Kariri, A. M., & Khan, A. (2021). The Extend and Reasons behind the Use of Herbal Medicine as an Alternative Treatment in Dentistry. Archives of Pharmacy Practice, 12(1), 135-140.

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