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The Role of DPP-4 Inhibitors in Cardiovascular Protection among Type-2 Diabetic Patients; Literature Review

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A combination of metabolic disorders manifested by increased blood glucose levels causes Diabetes mellitus. Patients with diabetes are more prone to morbidity and increased rate of mortality compared to the general population, with a substantial contribution to healthcare costs. One of the significant risk factors for cardiovascular problems is Diabetes Mellitus. Hence, the additional cardiovascular beneficial effect has been reported in various new antidiabetic agents, including DPP-4 inhibitors. This literature aims to evaluate the cardiovascular efficacy and safety of DPP-4 inhibitors. We used PubMed search engine to search for relevant studies. We used different Mesh words, including "DPP-4, Diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular risk, heart failure". DPP-4 inhibitors may provide cardiovascular benefit amount type-2 diabetic patients. There is still debate about the increased risk of heart failure hospitalization. Generally, DPP-4 inhibitors are secure, and endure and accepted by the patients. It should be noted that a beneficial atherosclerotic effect was reported with inhibitors of DPP-4. However, the HF hospitalization risk remains an area of debate. Further multi-national trials are recommended to establish DPP-4 inhibitors' cardiovascular efficacy safety.

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Alduaig KN, Alzahrani OK, Bilal AA, Hutaylah ISA, Alhelal SH, Almuslim SM, et al. The Role of DPP-4 Inhibitors in Cardiovascular Protection among Type-2 Diabetic Patients; Literature Review. Arch Pharm Pract. 2021;12(3):113-6.
Alduaig, K. N., Alzahrani, O. K., Bilal, A. A., Hutaylah, I. S. A., Alhelal, S. H., Almuslim, S. M., Aljumah, D. J., Muzaffar, K. H., Aseeri, K. I., & Hrooby, R. H. (2021). The Role of DPP-4 Inhibitors in Cardiovascular Protection among Type-2 Diabetic Patients; Literature Review. Archives of Pharmacy Practice, 12(3), 113-116.

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