Archive \ Volume.10 2019 Issue 3

The Role of Family Physician in Management of Tennis Elbow in PHC

Hamad Khalid Aldosari , Zahra Mohammed A. Alhaji , Fatimah Hassan Zahri , Jumanah Masoud Alqahtani , Ahmed Mohammad Al Khudair , Saja Omar Bakhshwaen , Noor Ali Alqallaf , Fatimah Abdulkareem bin Amer , Narjes Ali Alismail , Fatimah Abdulallah Alsayegh

Background: Lateral epicondylitis is a common cause of pain in tennis players. Debate ensues on whether surgical or non-surgical modalities are best for pain control, retain function and recurrence prevention. The primary care physician should be alert to the signs and manage pain and restore functionality in the best approach possible.  Objectives: We focus in this paper on lateral epicondylitis including conservative and surgical interventions, and only relevant studies would be discussed. Methodology: PubMed database was used for articles’ selection, and accordingly, papers on lateral epicondylitis were obtained and reviewed. Conclusion: In summary, doctors should focus on alleviating pain, restoring function, and referring these patients to higher centers when required.