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The Role of Pharmacies in Immunization Programs and Health Promotion



The involvement of pharmacists and pharmacies in the vaccination campaign represents an important opportunity to confirm the professional role played and the function of a local health unit. The pharmacy is one of the points of contact and interaction most frequented by the population; it is widespread throughout the national territory, and thanks to its professionals, it plays and can play, even more, an essential role in the networks for the prevention and protection of the health of our communities. The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has highlighted the necessity for close collaboration and integration between health professionals to ensure an influential response. The pandemic also made it clear how prevention is an essential component of our health and social systems and how this must find, alongside a precise and stronger organizational dimension, also a concrete and operational declination in the various aspects of our daily life and certainly in the moments contact with the various health services. In this work, through an analysis of the scientific literature, we aim to identify and describe the advantages that can derive from the involvement of community pharmacists in prevention networks.

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Lampasona M, Pantaleo L. The Role of Pharmacies in Immunization Programs and Health Promotion. Arch Pharm Pract. 2022;13(2):62-5.
Lampasona, M., & Pantaleo, L. (2022). The Role of Pharmacies in Immunization Programs and Health Promotion. Archives of Pharmacy Practice, 13(2), 62-65.

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