Archive \ Volume.10 2019 Issue 1

Web-based Virtual Simulation of Prescription Order: Development and Evaluation

Majd Zandkarimi, Alireza Nazashti

Background: Development of skills related to reading and interpretation of prescription order is an important topic in the introductory pharmacy practice. However, a wide range of handwritten-prescription orders along with limitations in practice time and faculty resources affect the outcomes of the practice. Aims: A web-based software for virtual simulation of handwritten-prescription orders was developed, and the effectiveness of its implementation was assessed. Methods: After developing the database and necessary tutorials and indexes, a collection of handwritten-medication orders was uploaded to the website. Based on the readability, prescription orders were classified into 3 levels, subsequently, essential drug information of each item in the prescription was added to the software. After the program implementation, user satisfaction and effectiveness were assessed by a questionnaire survey. Results: Students agreed that virtual simulation program enhanced their pharmacy-related skills and knowledge. Conclusion: Prescription reading software was viewed favorably by pharmacy students. Therefore, this simulation software could be implemented to the pharmacy education program.