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An Overview of sinusitis diagnosis and management approach in PHC

Abduiaziz D. Al-Thobaiti , Abdulaziz M. Hamdi , Mohammed A. O. Almalki , Waeel H. Alghamdi , Mohammad E. Albaz , Abdulaziz M. Alshammari , Fayz M. Alhamyri , Bosyna M. Alhmyri , Sara M. A. Alhmyri , Kowther M. A. Alhmyri , Ali M. F. Al-Harbi

Background: Sinusitis is the inflammation of the lining mucosa of the air sinuses. It is classified into chronic and acute rhinosinusitis. Symptoms of rhinosinusitis include facial pain, congestion, and headache. As this disease is widely common, the family physician should be aware of the updates in terms of diagnosis, treatment, and warning signs. Objectives: The study aimed to review the literature reviewing rhinosinusitis, its etiology, risk factors, clinical presentation, diagnosis, and management of this disease. Methodology: PubMed database was used for article selection, gathered papers undergone a thorough review. Conclusion: Rhinosinusitis relies on physician experience in establishing the diagnosis, where the history and examination form the ground of the process. Identifying the causative pathogen is as crucial as knowing the patient’s comorbidities in order to set the optimum treatment plan and avoiding the unfortunate consequences.

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Al-Thobaiti A D, Hamdi A M, Almalki M A O, Alghamdi W H, Albaz M E, Alshammari A M et al. An Overview of sinusitis diagnosis and management approach in PHC. Arch Pharma Pract 2021;12(1):59-62

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