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Patient satisfaction with hospital services after the implementation of the health system

Mitra Sadeghi , Masoomeh Rahimi , Neda Poornoroz , Fatemeh F. Jahromi

The purpose of this study was to evaluate patients' satisfaction with hospitalizing costs and hospital costs after implementation of the health system plan in Jahrom city hospitals in 2018. This is a descriptive-correlation study. 556 patients hospitalized in Peymaniyah and Motahari hospitals were selected randomly. The data were collected using a questionnaire to determine the level of satisfaction with the provision of hospital services. To assess the validity of the questionnaire, the questionnaire was designed by the method of formal and conceptual validity and for confirmation of reliability, based on the Cronbach's alpha coefficient 0.89. Data were analyzed using abundance and percentage of abundance calculations, and also one-way variance analysis through statistical SPSS-22 software. According to the results, the satisfaction of hospitalizing costs and hospital services after implementation of health system plans in Jahrom city hospitals in nursing services, nutrition services, diagnostic services (radiology/laboratory), accounting, insurance, and services Management is significantly different. Also, these factors have had different outcomes in the two hospitals. In fact, according to the results, Peymaniya Hospital has a higher level of satisfaction in nursing services. However, in terms of the nutrition services, diagnostic services (radiology/laboratory), accounting and insurance, and Hospital management services, Motahari hospital had superior patients' satisfaction in comparison with Peymanian Hospital.

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Sadeghi M, Rahimi M, Poornoroz N, Jahromi F F. Patient satisfaction with hospital services after the implementation of the health system. Arch Pharma Pract 2021;12(1):31-6

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