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Violence against Health Care Workers of Pediatric Departments in Saudi Arabia

Hamed S. S Albalwei , Nazim F. H. Ahmed , Nasser M. S. Albalawi , Suad S. A. Albalawi , Nujood H. K. Al-enazi

Background: Work Place Violence WPV is defined as the intentional use of physical or psychological force to injure, intimidate, or attack an individual in a work atmosphere. It is often known as any threat or physical abuse, assault, bullying, or other intimidating disrupting behavior that happens at the workplace. Method: This is a systematic review was carried out, including PubMed, Google Scholar, and EBSCO that examining randomized controlled trials, observational, and experimental studies that study violence against healthcare practitioners in pediatric departments. Results and Conclusion: The review included 6 randomized studies concerned about workplace violence against pediatric staff. Pediatric physicians and nurses are exposed to different types of violence from parents or caregivers of the attending children in their departments due to the psychological stress caused by the condition of their child. Recommendations to teach pediatric staff how to deal with violent events and how to report them must be instructed clearly.

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Albalwei H S S, Ahmed N F H, Albalawi N M S, Albalawi S S A, Al-enazi N H K. Violence against Health Care Workers of Pediatric Departments in Saudi Arabia. Arch Pharma Pract 2021;12(1):79-84

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