Table of Contents

2017 Volume.8 Issue 2

Simulation-Based Instruction for Pharmacy Practice Skill Development: A Review of the Literature
Syed S. Hasan, David W. K. Chong, Wong P. Se, Suresh Kumar, Syed I. Ahmed, Piyush Mittal,
The Impact of Risk Factors on ECG Parameters and Quality of Life in Post-Myocardial Infarct Patients
Alen Džubur, Azra Nalbantic, Amela Džubur, Esad Pepic, Mevludin Mekic, Jasmin Mušanovic and et al,
Quality of Methodological Reporting of Randomized Clinical Trials of Sodium-Glucose Cotransporter-2 (SGLT2) Inhibitors
Hadeel Alfahmi, Lina Aldawood, Bayan Baz, Mahmoud Elrggal, Hadeel Yahya Alsharif, Saad A. Alkahtani,
Unusual Case of Lamivudine-Associated Skin Rashes in an HIV/AIDS Patient: A Case Presentation
Kashif U. Khan, Amer H. Khan, Syed A. Sulaiman, Chow T. Soo, Syed I. Ahmad,